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Circumaural Headphones

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Sennheiser  Circumaural Headphone

HD 280 PRO
The HD 280 PRO are closed-back circumaural headphones designed for professional monitoring...
Rs. 7,990 Rs. 7,990

Samson  Reference Headphone

Combining professional specifications exceptional comfort and high quality audio at a very...
Rs. 1,877 Rs. 1,877

Samson  Reference Headphone

CH700 headphones are ideal for any listening and monitor application where critical...
Rs. 2,253 Rs. 2,253

Samson  Reference Headphone

The top-line model RH600s use a specially designed high performance driver with...
Rs. 2,816 Rs. 2,816

Sennheiser  Circumaural Headphone

The HD 280 silver is a closed-back circumaural headphone designed for professional...
Rs. 10,190 Rs. 10,190

KRK  Circumaural Monitor Headphone

KNS 6400
RECORD. MIX. MONITOR. ENJOY. KRK Headphones provide a precise listening experience that...
Rs. 10,499 Rs. 10,000

KRK  Circumaural Monitor Headphone

KNS 8400
RECORD. MIX. MONITOR. ENJOY. KRK Headphones provide a precise listening experience that...
Rs. 15,499 Rs. 14,499

About Circumaural Headphones

Enjoy hand free sound tracks through Musicaa Circumaural Headphones

With the current advancements in technology, time has come that you can perform multiple tasks while adding pleasant musical experience to it simultaneously. You can cook, drive, communicate by making phone calls or Skype video chats with a rhythmic motion of tapping your feet.  You don’t have to travel or walk along the boulevard all alone, nevertheless music will accompany you throughout your journey while relieving all your boredoms and refreshing your soul.  You are just few runs away from the portable music device to simply plug into your ears. Musicaa presents you with latest Hi tech circumaural headphones that match your pockets and soothes your auditory system with appreciable sound quality. Discover the latest filtered brands namely KRK, Samson and Sennheiser at reasonable prices ranging from 1000- 10000 including all taxes to suit your desires and caters customer shopping needs.

Set a party mood without making any specialized arrangements by making the use of combination of professional specifications such as comfort and original quality audio over extended periods of time in any kind of studio, home or music playback situation. Create and experience your own music studio venture at the most accessible prices.

KRK KNS 6400 Circumaural Monitor Headphone transforms a personal studio to a commercial one with an incredibly natural frequency response that too, without compromising the tracks. High isolation for both noise rejection and leakage has been engineered to deliver you exactly that you intend to hear from the artist. KRK sound clarity along with very low-distortion brings you closer to your music, and the highly isolated surround foam pads give a soft touch cushion like comfort so that you feel like standing freely in  live concerts. Less bulky construction makes it fit for use over long sessions with ease. Rotating ear cups allows convenient travelling and storage with self-aligning yoke system that ensures the best possible snug fit. Adjustable low-pressure headband system gently conform to your head shape taking good care of comfort level so that wearing them all day does not thorn in one's flesh. So many subtle features including pitch, timbre and tone lets you replicate the music you wish to listen. Just a pair of headphones and you can get intrigued by the immense collection of favorite sound tracks anywhere.

Walk, talk and tap by wearing the amazing headphones by shopping on Musicaa and find out the best deals in music brands.