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Headphones and Earphones

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Ahuja  Stereo Headphone

AHP 600
AHUJA introduces a high quality reliable stereo headphone AHP-600 designed for a...
Rs. 999 Rs. 999

Sennheiser  Circumaural Headphone

HD 280 PRO
The HD 280 PRO are closed-back circumaural headphones designed for professional monitoring...
Rs. 7,990 Rs. 7,990

Sennheiser  Vocal Dynamic Cardioid Wired Microphone

E 835
Everything else is just standard. Not plastic metal. No muffled mids-centric sound...
Rs. 5,690 Rs. 5,498

Shure  Professional Monitoring Headphone

What are the SRH240A Headphones best suited to? The SRH240A is the...
Rs. 5,870 Rs. 5,870

Sennheiser  Dynamic Headphone

The HD 25-SP II are closed dynamic headphones for monitoring recording and...
Rs. 11,990 Rs. 11,389

Audio Technica  Professional Monitor Headphone

ATH M50x
Pure. Professional. Performance. As the most critically acclaimed model in the M-Series...
Rs. 13,500 Rs. 13,500

AKG  Closed Back Headphone

The AKG K52 make sure you hear every detail with the AKG...
Rs. 5,199 Rs. 5,199

AKG  High Performance Studio Headphone

Cost-efficient thrills The AKG K121 MKII professional on-ear semi-open headphones are a...
Rs. 6,429 Rs. 5,600

AKG  Professional Studio Headphones

The AKG K240 Studio professional over-ear semi-open studio headphones are designed for...
Rs. 7,834 Rs. 7,834

Shure  Isolating Earphone

SE 215 CL
Dynamic Driver with improved Bass The SE215 is the entry to Shure...
Rs. 10,524 Rs. 8,200

Shure  Isolating Earphone

SE 425 CL
Dual High-Definition MicroDrivers The SE425 utilizes dual balanced armature drivers for an...
Rs. 26,107 Rs. 18,350

Sennheiser  Stereo Headphone

HD 203
The HD 203 are a pair of closed dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones...
Rs. 3,490 Rs. 3,490

Shure  Professional DJ Headphone

The Shure SRH750DJ headphone has the largest driver in the Shure headphone...
Rs. 12,952 Rs. 9,700

Ahuja  Stereo Headphone

AHP 1200
AHUJA introduces AHP-1200 a very high quality professional stereo headphone designed for...
Rs. 2,390 Rs. 2,390

Beyerdynamic  250 Ohms Dynamic Headphone

DT 770 PRO
The DT 770 PRO is a closed dynamic headphone which has been...
Rs. 14,400 Rs. 14,400

1MORE  In Ear Headphone With Mic

Piston Fit Silver
Comfort and fun Part of Your Everyday Life In order to give...
Rs. 999 Rs. 899

1MORE  In Ear Headphone With Mic

Piston Fit Space Gray
Comfort and fun Part of Your Everyday Life In order to give...
Rs. 999 Rs. 899

1MORE  In Ear Headphone With Mic

Piston Fit Blue
Comfort and fun Part of Your Everyday Life In order to give...
Rs. 999 Rs. 899

Samson  Professional Studio Reference Monitoring Headphone

Professional Performance & Comfort With a self-adjusting headband for a secure natural...
Rs. 3,004 Rs. 3,004

Sennheiser  Over Ear Headphone

HD 205 II
The elegant HD 205 are medium sized supraaural headphones that provide excellent...
Rs. 3,490 Rs. 3,490

Behringer  Multi Purpose Headphone

Behringer HPM1000 Whether you’re mixing a recording monitoring a bass line –...
Rs. 1,624 Rs. 1,500

About Headphones And Earphones

Play the tracks via Musicaa headphones 

Musicaa presents you the latest audio output signaling sources of best quality at 100% genuine rates. You can discover handful range of trend setting earphones or headsets with great deal of leading brands including the Sennheiser HD stereo headphones, Behringer professional Dj headphones, Samson reference handsets, KRK circumaural monitor headphones and many more.

Here, you can have a secure online shopping of any type of microphones or earpieces of your choice; either matches your favorite shades like red, blue, black, white etc. or its impressive modern performance in order to experience a dynamic ambience all around. These music or radio hearing aids are designed for the purpose of soothing your soul thereby relieving all your stress and monotony. They are made compatible to most of the gadgets to connect you to laptops, Mp3 players, cell phones or tablets with ease. You can check through variety of new arrivals categorized as Dj headphones, monitoring headphones, isolating earphones, stereo or studio headsets of most popular brands namely Shure,Sennheiser,AKG,KRK, Behringer, Ahuja, Audio technica, Beyer dynamic, M audio and Samson. 

To ensure comfort to the ears, soft padding over ear pieces cuts off the additional noise producing elements so as to deliver you the uninterrupted musical sounds only. Some of the in- ear headphones rest on the external ear like ear pods while others may enter the ear canal. Most of the models are foldable to ensure convenient handling and portability. You can transform through a musical aura to a conversation by making or receiving calls and instant video chats at the same time hassle free. 

If you wish to roam around or travel with your hands in pockets or engaged with some other work, then superior quality wireless headphones are made handy to reach your ears at any time. 

Switch to party mood anywhere and let the technology makes it more comfortable for you to enjoy every moment with melodious audio notes. The microphones are designed with video cameras and personal audio recorders for use by consumers such that you can capture the sounds with outstanding accuracy and Excellency. All the products available on Musicaa are advanced and brand new with price tagged affordable to suit your requirements.