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About Mixers

Musicaa hosts the largest variety of mixers of professional calibre. There are mixing consoles available for professional studios, practising DJs, experimenting techno musicians, to amateurs who are tinkling around with creating great music. Mixers are available in both the traditional analogue and the modern digital forms, whichever may suit your requirements. Over the years, even after the introduction of digital mixers, analogue mixers remain just as popular. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The tools, levers and buttons of analogue mixers make mixing a logical process whereas digital mixers provide a level of flexibility that greatly increases the range of sounds.


Variety in brands-


Some of the most popular mixer producing brands hosted by Musicaa, include-

·         Yamaha,

·         Ahuja,

·         Behringer,

·         Alto,

·         M Audio and

·         Proel.


These range from 4-channel mixers for small mixing to 32 channel mixers for creating the best possible sound in the studio format. Be it for small format mixing for on-the-go music creation or large scale recording, Musicaa has a mixer for everyone. Care has been taken to maintain the best quality of mixers in its stock, while having brands available for all sorts of budgets. Music producing has never been more accessible and it is only through these innovations that new forms of music can be explored.