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Zoom  H1 Handy Recorder Accessory Package

The APH-1 package which is sold separately includes six additional accessories for...
Rs. 1,521 Rs. 1,521

Zoom  H2n Handy Recorder Accessory Package

The APH-2n optional accessory pack includes seven tools for use with the...
Rs. 2,225 Rs. 2,225

Zoom  Handy Recorder

X/Y microphone pattern captures stereo sound with remarkable depth and clarity Like...
Rs. 10,042 Rs. 10,042

Zoom  Handy Recorder Package

H2N With APH-2n
H2n (Handy Recorder) Representing a new generation of portable recording H2n Handy...
Rs. 19,223 Rs. 19,223

Zoom  H4n Accessory Pack For DSLR

The APH-4n package includes a windscreen that provides a professional level of...
Rs. 2,874 Rs. 2,874

Zoom  Handy Recorder

Zoom H6 Handy recorder - Here at Zoom we've been building innovative...
Rs. 39,879 Rs. 33,250

Zoom  Handy Recorder

Representing a new generation of portable recording H2n Handy Recorder is Zoom’s...
Rs. 16,998 Rs. 16,998

Zoom  H4nSP Accessory Pack For DSLR

The APH-4nSP is the perfect companion for your Zoom H4nSP Handy Recorder....
Rs. 2,874 Rs. 2,874

Zoom  Multi Track Recorder

The Zoom R8 combines multiple audio production tools in one compact device....
Rs. 25,717 Rs. 25,717

Zoom  Handy Recorder

THE ZOOM H4NSP The world acclaimed H4n is now available in a...
Rs. 27,011 Rs. 27,011

Zoom  Handy Recorder

Louder. Closer. Cleaner. X/Y recording allows you to cover a wide area...
Rs. 28,050 Rs. 28,050

Yamaha  Handy Recorder

The POCKETRAK PR7 is Yamaha's newest ultra-portable linear PCM recorder that provides...
Rs. 15,100 Rs. 14,499

Boss  Digital Recorder

BR 800
The Complete Portable Music-Production Solution BOSS continues its top-selling tradition of portable...
Rs. 37,087 Rs. 37,087

Boss  Digital Recorder

Micro BR
The World's Smallest Pro Studio Meet the ultimate palmtop guitar companion and...
Rs. 21,486 Rs. 21,486

Boss  Digital Recording Studio

BR 1200CD
From guitar pick to compact disc the BR-1200CD can turn your ideas...
Rs. 1,01,334 Rs. 1,01,334

Boss  Digital Recording Studio

BR 1600CD
BOSS’s BR-1600CD 16-track recorder the most popular and full-featured portable 16-track on...
Rs. 1,35,875 Rs. 1,35,875

Boss  Digital Recording Studio

BR 900CD
Popular Easy-To-Use Recorder Gets Big New Features The BR-900CD is one of...
Rs. 66,821 Rs. 66,821

Boss  Digital Recording Studio

BR 900CD Ver2
The BR-900CD is one of the world’s most popular easy-to-use portable multi-track...
Rs. 66,821 Rs. 66,821

Zoom  H6 Accessory Pack

The APH-6 is an accessory package for ZOOM H6 Handy Recorder. It...
Rs. 3,625 Rs. 3,625

Zoom  Multi Track Recorder

RECORDER Simultaneous recording of 8 tracks and playback of 24 tracks The...
Rs. 46,067 Rs. 46,067

Zoom  Multi Track Recorder

RECORDER Record 8 tracks simultaneously with 16-track playback Capture audio in any...
Rs. 36,999 Rs. 36,999