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Boss  Space Echo Twin Pedal

RE 20
The Rebirth of a Roland Classic One of the most beloved echo...
Rs. 21,324 Rs. 21,324

Boss  Slicer Stompbox

SL 20
Instant Audio Adrenaline Inject a shot of high-octane fuel into your music...
Rs. 24,232 Rs. 24,232

Ashton  Ukulele

UKE-100 (Pink)
A super-portable way to bring a summer vibe to your next campfire...
Rs. 2,000 Rs. 2,000

Roland  Digital Percussion Octapad Version 2

SPD 30 White
For decades Roland has been a leader in electronic percussion technology. The...
Rs. 64,633 Rs. 64,633

Boss  Power Stack Stompbox

ST 2
Authentic Amp Stack Sounds from a Stompbox From fat crunch to ultra...
Rs. 11,106 Rs. 11,106

Ashton  Ukulele

With an awesome selection of ukuleles ranging from standard soprano through to...
Rs. 6,000 Rs. 6,000

Fernandes  Dragonfly X Electric Guitar

DFX 08 Black
The Dragonfly has long been a symbol of versatility and comfort. It...
Rs. 20,000 Rs. 20,000

Boss  Tera Echo Stompbox

TE 2
Make Your Playing Soar with Majestic Ambience Powered by Multi-Dimensional Processing technology...
Rs. 15,625 Rs. 15,625

Boss  Tremolo Stompbox

TR 2
The BOSS TR-2 Tremolo is designed to provide guitarists with classic tremolo...
Rs. 8,683 Rs. 8,683

Fernandes  Dragonfly Pro Electric Guitar

DFP 08 Black
Art meets performance with the Dragonfly. The Dragonfly has long been a...
Rs. 30,500 Rs. 30,500

Yamaha  Professional Synthesizer

For the past decade the MOTIF has been the de facto industry...
Rs. 90,200 Rs. 90,200

Aria  Acoustic Guitar

AW 20 Natural
Aria's AW Series of steel string guitars is the result of over...
Rs. 9,500 Rs. 9,500

Yamaha  Acoustic Guitar

The APX series places emphasis on playability with a stylish thin profile...
Rs. 25,990 Rs. 25,990

Peace  Drum Kit

DP 101 Black
The Peace® DP101 Drum Kit is the perfect entry level drum kit...
Rs. 22,999 Rs. 22,999

Mono  Bass Sleeve - Black

The Bass Sleeve™ is the latest addition to MONO's collection of professional...
Rs. 11,295 Rs. 11,295

Aria  Acoustic Electric Guitar

Aria AW-20CE Acoustic Electric Guitar - Our range of western and Folk...
Rs. 11,400 Rs. 11,400

Yamaha  Acoustic Guitar

The F370 acoustic folk guitar offers good quality design sound and value...
Rs. 13,990 Rs. 13,990

Mono  Bass Sleeve - ASH

The Bass Sleeve™ is the latest addition to MONO's collection of professional...
Rs. 11,295 Rs. 11,295

Aria  Acoustic Guitar

AW 20 T
Aria's range of western and Folk steel string guitars have been developed...
Rs. 10,900 Rs. 10,900

Yamaha  Acoustic Guitar

FG700S N
The heritage of Yamaha guitars begins with the FG line of acoustic...
Rs. 18,990 Rs. 18,990

ESP  Electric Guitar

F-10 Black
The LTD F-10 kit includes both a great starter electric guitar and...
Rs. 19,995 Rs. 18,000