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Wind Instruments

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Hohner  Marine Band Crossover

KEY A M2009106
With the Crossover we have expanded the Marine Band series to introduce...
Rs. 5,150 Rs. 5,150

Hohner  Marine Band Deluxe

KEY C M200501
The Marine Band Deluxe brings the incomparable sound of the Marine Band...
Rs. 4,495 Rs. 4,495


FL 805N
Nickel Plated
Rs. 7,100 Rs. 7,100


FL 805NC
Colors:- Blue Red Purple Black Pink Green Nickel plated keys Italian pad...
Rs. 7,100 Rs. 7,100


PL 806S
Silver Plated
Rs. 8,700 Rs. 8,700

 Bb Clarinet

CL 804N
Bb 17 keys Ebonite pipe Nickel plated keys
Rs. 6,825 Rs. 6,825

 Eb Clarinet

CL 804HN
Eb High tone Ebonite pipe Nickel plated keys Eb
Rs. 8,175 Rs. 8,175

 Alto Saxophone

AL 802L
Eb Key F# Key Gold lacquered finish
Rs. 22,500 Rs. 22,500

 Bb Cornet

CN 808L
Bb Key Gold lacquer
Rs. 10,350 Rs. 10,350

Hohner  10 Holes Harmonica

These remakes of 1930s instruments are the smallest 10-hole Richter harmonicas in...
Rs. 625 Rs. 625

 Bb Tenor Trombone

TT 811S
Bb key Silver plated
Rs. 18,150 Rs. 18,150

Hohner  48 Holes Harmonica

Ocean Star
These models feature a special tremolo tuning to generate a particularly slow...
Rs. 825 Rs. 825

 Bb Bass Trombone

BT 812L
F/ Bb key Gold lacquer
Rs. 14,925 Rs. 14,925

Hohner  10 Holes Harmonica

Silver Star
Hohner Mouthorgan Silverstar C-Hohner diatonic harmonicas are of the highest quality and...
Rs. 625 Rs. 625

 French Horn

FH 813L3
3-key single Bb key Gold lacquer
Rs. 17,100 Rs. 17,100