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Shure  Dynamic Wired Microphones

SV 100
The unidirectional (cardioid) pickup pattern of the SV100 helps reduce feedback while...
Rs. 1,869 Rs. 1,869

Shure  Isolating Earphone

SE 215 CL
Dynamic Driver with improved Bass The SE215 is the entry to Shure...
Rs. 10,524 Rs. 8,200

Shure  Isolating Earphone

SE 425 CL
Dual High-Definition MicroDrivers The SE425 utilizes dual balanced armature drivers for an...
Rs. 26,107 Rs. 18,350

Shure  Dynamic Wired Microphones

Tuned to accentuate the warmth and clarity of lead and back-up vocals...
Rs. 10,645 Rs. 9,750

Shure  Vocal Wired Microphone

SV200 Q
The SV200 Vocal Microphone delivers crisp vibrant sound for karaoke and more....
Rs. 2,500 Rs. 2,500

Shure  Professional DJ Headphone

The Shure SRH750DJ headphone has the largest driver in the Shure headphone...
Rs. 12,952 Rs. 9,700

Shure  Wireless Handheld Vocal System

Includes SVX4 Diversity Receiver, and SVX2 Handheld Microphone Transmitter with PG58 Microphone.
Rs. 26,400 Rs. 22,000

Shure  Reference Studio Headphone

What is the SRH840 best suited to? The SRH840 are an ideal...
Rs. 17,203 Rs. 13,400

Shure  Reference Studio Headphone

What is the SRH940 best suited to? The SRH940 are an ideal...
Rs. 25,096 Rs. 19,500

Shure  Isolating Earphone

SE 535 CL
Sound Isolating Design Sound isolating earphones were originally developed as Personal Monitor...
Rs. 41,760 Rs. 35,500

Shure  Professional Open Back Headphone

The flagship headphone from Shure the SRH1840 Professional Open Back Headphones feature...
Rs. 57,420 Rs. 57,420

Shure  Professional Open Back Headphone

The SRH1440 Professional Open Back Headphones provide full range audio with detailed...
Rs. 35,100 Rs. 23,800

Shure  Dynamic Wired Microphones

What is the SM57 best suited to? It’s the most popular choice...
Rs. 8,713 Rs. 8,713

Shure  Studio Wired Microphone

What is the SM7B best suited to? The SM7B is a smooth...
Rs. 40,937 Rs. 29,900

Shure  USB Condenser Wired Microphone

What is the PG27USB best suited to? The PG27USB side-address condenser microphone...
Rs. 19,254 Rs. 16,800

Shure  Dynamic Wired Microphones

What is the PG48 best suited to? The PG48 would be an...
Rs. 2,804 Rs. 2,804

Shure  Condenser Wired Microphone

What is the PG42 best suited to? The PG42 has been tailored...
Rs. 19,254 Rs. 19,254

Shure  Condenser Wired Microphone

What is the PG27 best suited to? The PG27 would be an...
Rs. 15,515 Rs. 15,515

Shure  Wireless Instrument Microphone

Beta 98H/C
The Beta 98H/C condenser microphone is a versatile solution for brass or...
Rs. 22,619 Rs. 22,619

Shure  Wired Dynamic Microphone

Beta 57A
What is the Beta 57A best suited to? It’s a premium instrument...
Rs. 11,837 Rs. 11,837

Shure  Wired Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Beta 58A
What is the Beta 58A best suited to? The Beta 58A is...
Rs. 14,467 Rs. 10,000