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Sennheiser  Wired Microphone

E 840
Professional cardioid vocal microphone developed to cut through high on-stage levels. Rugged...
Rs. 5,990 Rs. 5,450

Sennheiser  Wired Microphone

E 835
Everything else is just standard. Not plastic metal. No muffled mids-centric sound...
Rs. 5,690 Rs. 4,999

Sennheiser  Wireless Microphone

XSW 52
Express yourself hands free. Compact bodypack system with a cardioid headworn mic...
Rs. 27,990 Rs. 25,750

Sennheiser  Wired Microphone

E 825 S
The e 825 S is a cardioid general purpose microphone ideal for...
Rs. 3,990 Rs. 3,699

Sennheiser  Wireless Microphone

XSW 12
Make your presentations come to life! Rugged reliable and easy-to-use XS Wireless...
Rs. 24,990 Rs. 22,750

Sennheiser  Wireless Microphone

XSW 35
Rugged reliable and easy-to-use XS Wireless delivers renowned Sennheiser sound to small...
Rs. 24,990 Rs. 22,399

Sennheiser  Wired Microphone

E 945
Presence all the way to the peaks. The e 945 renders the...
Rs. 12,990 Rs. 11,799

Sennheiser  Over Ear Headphone

HD 205 II
The elegant HD 205 are medium sized supraaural headphones that provide excellent...
Rs. 3,490 Rs. 2,999

Sennheiser  Dynamic Headphone

The HD 25-SP II are closed dynamic headphones for monitoring recording and...
Rs. 11,990 Rs. 9,799

Sennheiser  Circumaural Headphone

HD 280 PRO
The HD 280 PRO are closed-back circumaural headphones designed for professional monitoring...
Rs. 7,990 Rs. 6,499

Sennheiser  Cardioid Microphone - Drums And Brass Instrument

E 604
The classic – thanks to clip and character. Character instead of mainstream....
Rs. 10,900 Rs. 8,999

Sennheiser  Wired Microphone

E 904
Full of sound – full of life. With its consistent frequency response...
Rs. 9,990 Rs. 8,999

Sennheiser  Wired Microphone

E 914
A brilliant all-rounder for demanding tasks. The e 914 is a condenser...
Rs. 23,990 Rs. 22,499

Sennheiser  Wired Microphone

E 935
Extends Every Voice. Its balanced frequency range qualifies the e 935 for...
Rs. 11,990 Rs. 10,799

Sennheiser  Monitoring Headphone

HD 380 PRO
These collapsible high-end headphones are ideal for professional monitoring use. The HD...
Rs. 11,490 Rs. 9,100

Sennheiser  Condenser Microphone

MK 4
The MK 4 is a large-diaphragm true condenser microphone for professional studio...
Rs. 19,500 Rs. 17,999

Sennheiser  Vocal Wired Microphone

E 835 S
Everything else is just standard. Not plastic metal. No muffled mids-centric sound...
Rs. 5,690 Rs. 4,999

Sennheiser  Vocal System With Super-Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

EW 500-945 G3
Great technology throughout the microphone system make this system the ideal singing...
Rs. 85,000 Rs. 80,000

Sennheiser  Vocal Microphone - Dynamic Super Cardioid

E845 S
Dynamic super-cardioid vocal mic which helps to reduce spill and feedback. Ideal...
Rs. 7,890 Rs. 6,499

Sennheiser  Small Shotgun Microphone For Cameras With A Lighting Shoe Mount

MKE 400
Rugged compact and versatile for great video sound: The MKE 400 is...
Rs. 19,500 Rs. 12,499

Sennheiser  Shotgun Microphone Ideal For Video Camera Applications

MKE 600
Shotgun microphone ideal for video camera applications. Maximal rejection of side noise...
Rs. 29,900 Rs. 23,500