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Boss  Advanced EQ Effects Processor

The EQ-20 Advanced EQ gives guitarists bassists and other live performers 10...
Rs. 21,001 Rs. 21,001

Boss  Bass Limiter/Enhancer Stompbox

The LMB-3 affords complete control over a bass guitar's dynamic range using...
Rs. 7,068 Rs. 7,068

Boss  Line Selector Stompbox

LS 2
The LS-2 Line Selector pedal represents the easy way to switch settings...
Rs. 8,481 Rs. 8,481

Boss  Digital Recorder

BR 800
The Complete Portable Music-Production Solution BOSS continues its top-selling tradition of portable...
Rs. 37,087 Rs. 37,087

Boss  Metal Zone Stompbox

MT 2
The MT-2 Metal Zone™ is one of BOSS' most popular pedals. This...
Rs. 8,683 Rs. 8,683

Boss  Digital Recorder

Micro BR
The World's Smallest Pro Studio Meet the ultimate palmtop guitar companion and...
Rs. 21,486 Rs. 21,486

Boss  Drive Zone Effects Processor

OD 20
The OD-20 Drive Zone uses advanced COSM® technology to model the sound...
Rs. 17,374 Rs. 17,374

Boss  Digital Recording Studio

BR 1200CD
From guitar pick to compact disc the BR-1200CD can turn your ideas...
Rs. 1,01,334 Rs. 1,01,334

Boss  Bass OverDrive Stompbox

The ODB-3 Bass OverDrive delivers the chest-resonating distortion that hard rock thrash...
Rs. 8,279 Rs. 8,279

Boss  Digital Recording Studio

BR 1600CD
BOSS’s BR-1600CD 16-track recorder the most popular and full-featured portable 16-track on...
Rs. 1,35,875 Rs. 1,35,875

Boss  V-Wah Bass Guitar Pedal

PW 10
The amazing BOSS PW-10 V-Wah is likely to be the last wah...
Rs. 13,937 Rs. 13,937

Boss  Digital Recording Studio

BR 900CD
Popular Easy-To-Use Recorder Gets Big New Features The BR-900CD is one of...
Rs. 66,821 Rs. 66,821

Boss  Digital Recording Studio

BR 900CD Ver2
The BR-900CD is one of the world’s most popular easy-to-use portable multi-track...
Rs. 66,821 Rs. 66,821

Boss  Guitar Effects Pedal Board Case

BCB 30
The BCB-30 is a convenient way for guitarists and bass players to...
Rs. 2,511 Rs. 2,511

Boss  Guitar Effects Pedal Board Case

BCB 60
The BOSS BCB-60 Pedal Board is a convenient way to set up...
Rs. 11,050 Rs. 11,050

Boss  Loop Station

RC 3
Three Hours of Stereo Recording in a Stompbox The RC-3 is powerfully...
Rs. 20,193 Rs. 20,193

Boss  Loop Station

RC 30
Twin Stereo Tracks Built-In Effects & Pro I/O BOSS celebrates the 10th...
Rs. 30,290 Rs. 30,290

Boss  Loop Station

RC 505
Hands-On Looper for Modern Performers Beatboxers singers and club performers your Loop...
Rs. 58,595 Rs. 58,595

Boss  Loop Station

RC 300
The Triple-Stereo Mega Looper! With loop mania sweeping the globe BOSS proudly...
Rs. 52,341 Rs. 52,341

Boss  Loop Station

Whether for use onstage or at home the new RC-20XL allows musicians...
Rs. 24,819 Rs. 24,819

Boss  Space Echo Twin Pedal

RE 20
The Rebirth of a Roland Classic One of the most beloved echo...
Rs. 21,324 Rs. 21,324