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Roland  Guitar Amplifier

Pro COSM Tones and i-CUBE LINK Building on the top-level tone and...
Rs. 18,990 Rs. 18,990

Roland  Bass Guitar Amplifier

XL Power for Bassists! The most portable of the family the CUBE-20XL...
Rs. 28,990 Rs. 28,990

Roland  USB 2.0 Audio Interface

Pro Performance for Portable Production With a pair of premium VS Preamps...
Rs. 20,963 Rs. 20,963

Roland  Damper Pedal

Momentary footswitch for "non-latch" footswitch operations such as sustaining notes on electronic...
Rs. 961 Rs. 961

Roland  Professional Synthesizer

Massive Soundbank + Multitrack Digital Recording + Computer Integration In the JUNO...
Rs. 98,690 Rs. 98,690

Roland  Digital Percussion Octapad Version 2

SPD 30 White
For decades Roland has been a leader in electronic percussion technology. The...
Rs. 64,633 Rs. 64,633

Roland  Digital Drum Tutor

Roland’s HD-1 V-Drums Lite is a big hit with beginners around the...
Rs. 8,400 Rs. 8,400

Roland  Keyboard Stand

KS 18Z
Style and stability ... Roland's new KS-18Z Keyboard Stand is attractive easy...
Rs. 6,477 Rs. 6,477

Roland  Guitar Amplifier

The New Standard in Ultra-Compact Amps A top-seller worldwide for nearly 10...
Rs. 12,853 Rs. 12,853

Roland  Guitar Amplifier

Putting the "eXtra Loud" in XL With over one million CUBE amps...
Rs. 34,880 Rs. 34,880

Roland  Guitar Amplifier

High-Octane Combo with i-CUBE LINK Building on the top-level tone and rock-solid...
Rs. 22,029 Rs. 22,029

Roland  Guitar Amplifier

With over one million CUBE amps sold and going strong Roland continues...
Rs. 10,926 Rs. 10,926

Roland  Guitar Amplifier

Multi-Purpose Portable Mixing Monitor Versatile and portable — the new CM-30 CUBE...
Rs. 22,910 Rs. 22,910

Roland  Expandable Synthesizer

XPS 10
PRO KEYBOARD NICE PRICE Perfect for gigging musicians and hobbyists alike the...
Rs. 43,890 Rs. 42,500

Roland  Expandable Synthesizer

XPS 30
The XPS-30 starts with the great feature set of the popular XPS-10...
Rs. 64,900 Rs. 63,500

Roland  Guitar Amplifier

AC 60
A Compact Stereo Acoustic Amp with Pure Natural Tone Although there are...
Rs. 40,535 Rs. 40,535

Roland  Guitar Amplifier

AC 90A
The Arrival of a Future Classic The highly anticipated addition to Roland's...
Rs. 65,869 Rs. 65,869

Roland  Keyboard Amplifier

KC 60
The Most Affordable KC Amp Ever! The KC-60 3-Channel Mixing Keyboard Amplifier...
Rs. 29,959 Rs. 29,959

Roland  Keyboard Amplifier

KC 150
Affordable and Powerful The KC-150 is a compact 65-watt amp with 4-channel...
Rs. 34,894 Rs. 34,894

Roland  Keyboard Amplifier

KC 880
High-Powered Performance for the Entire Band The new flagship of the KC...
Rs. 96,928 Rs. 96,928

Roland  Keyboard Amplifier

KC 550
Roland's Ultimate Keyboard Amp The KC-550 boasts 180 watts of powerful sound...
Rs. 63,972 Rs. 63,972